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We are growing our cleaning team!

We are looking to grow our team with dedicated cleaning technicians!

Do you want consistent daytime hours and to be rewarded for your efficiency? If you have cleaning experience in residential cleaning, Maid Brigade is looking for you!

This full-time position is perfect if you have school-age children or prefer to work on weekdays and not work nights or weekends. We work Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm, with occasional overtime available. Our company approach to each home means this is a friendly, stress-free work environment.

We are looking to hire people with experience in cleaning of residential homes or hotels who want a better opportunity. It’s ideal if you live within a 15-20 minute drive to one of our offices in Southwest Fort Worth or Bedford. We supply eco-friendly cleaning supplies and equipment, uniforms pay mileage if using your own car.

Qualified applicants must:

  • Pass a background check
  • Have a valid Texas Drivers License.
  • Have a vehicle with a minimum of liability insurance
  • This is a physical job, so you must be able to walk up and down stairs, stoop, kneel, reach, and lift up to 25lbs.
  • We cannot consider any applicants who smoke.


  • We offer pay that allows you to make more money based on your efficiency.
  • We have Paid Time Off accrued based on the number of hours you work to be used for days off, vacation or appointments.
  • We pay weekly offering direct deposit to your bank.
  • We are flexible with request for days off for appointments, your children’s school activities, medical appointment or just need day off for mental health.
  • We pay for your 1st week’s training at $15/Hour.

Maid Brigade of Greater Fort Worth has been owned and operated by a local family since 1989.

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Why Work with Maid Brigade?

I like working at Maid Brigade because it’s a great paying job that allows me to support my family. It also is good hours that allows me to spent time with my kids.

Rocio, 5 years

I like working for Maid Brigade because every day is different. Its great working with a team as it makes the day pass fast and we are typically home by 5:00 to be home with family.

Norma, 12 years

What I like best working for Maid Brigade is the satisfaction that I’m helping our customers; especially the Senior customers. I also enjoy house cleaning and the satisfaction it gives me after completing a job.

Nohemi, 5 years

I’ve been working for Maid Brigade for many years and love working with my teammates and office staff as they make me feel like family. The best part is I’m doing what I love; house cleaning and the satisfaction I give my customers.

Maria, 18 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to drive my car to each home?

Solo technicians working alone will drive their own car and will be paid mileage for using your own vehicle. If you are working as a team you will be driving a company car.

Do I need to bring my own cleaning supplies or provide my own uniform?

Maid Brigade provides eco-friendly cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as employee uniforms.

How many hours will I work each week?

We work Monday-Friday, 8am to 5 pm, so you will work about 35 to 40 hours a week. You get overtime pay for anything over 40 hours.

Do I get paid when I am at the office or driving between homes?

Yes! You get paid from when you clock-in in the morning to when you clock-out after completing your jobs. This covers preparation time in the office and driving time between jobs. If you are working solo and drive straight to your first job your day starts once you arrive at your first job and ends when you leave your last job.

What does the hourly pay range mean?

We pay a minimum of $13/hour, however with our efficiency incentives most team technicians make $15-$18/hour and solo technicians make between $19-$24/hour. This incentive is based on a percentage pay of the dollars you generate per day divided by the clock hours.

Are there any paid holidays? What about vacation time?

Our company offers Paid Time Off that is earned weekly based on the number of hours you work. Your PTO can be used for holidays, vacations, or planned days off.

What if I need a personal day?

We understand you might need time off for appointments or just need a mental health day off! We will always work with you to plan a day off when needed. Plus, if you can schedule it at least 14 days in advance, you are able to use your acquired PTO to get paid for that day off.

Will I ever have to clean houses alone?

We have availability for you to work alone as a solo technician, however, there may be days that you will be working with another technician for the day.

How long has Maid Brigade been in Fort Worth?

Since 1989, Maid Brigade of Greater Fort Worth has been under the same ownership. We have treasured employees and customers who have been with us for many of those years

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