Monthly Home Cleaning Checklist


Every season our homes tend to build up dust and dirt that we might not see immediately. While weekly or bi-weekly cleanings will keep your home looking clean regularly, it’s the areas in your home that aren’t always easiest to get to that will need seasonal care. For this reason, it’s important to do a deep clean every month to keep your home healthy. Scheduling a deep cleaning in a different room in your home each month will let you rotate your cleaning and keep your home truly clean.

Vacuum carpets to improve indoor air quality

These are the things you want to clean in each room monthly. This list is outside of your regular cleaning chores:

  • Take down the curtains and place them in the dryer to knock the dust out of them. If the dust is excessive, you may need to pop them in the washer.
  • Using furniture movers, pull all the furniture away from the walls. Also remove pictures from the walls. Using a dry microfiber mop, wipe all the walls and ceiling to remove the dust.
  • Remove any glass light fixtures and place them in the dishwasher.
  • While the furniture is pulled out, use a vacuum and clean the woodwork and the carpet behind the piece.
  • Before putting the furniture back, use a microfiber cloth and dust the back of the piece of furniture.
  • Using a wet, fine-woven microfiber cloth go over the inside of the windows as well as the window frames.
  • Place the furniture back and dust it completely including the sides and fronts.
  • Vacuum all fabric furniture completely, including the seat pillows, sides and base.
  • Any knick-knacks can be deep cleaned by placing them in the dishwasher.
  • Use a paintbrush to remove dust on lamp shades. Then go over the shade with the upholstery tool on your vacuum hose

Additional items for bedrooms:

  • When deep cleaning bedrooms, place bedspreads in the dryer to remove dust.
  • Vacuum books on bookshelves.
  • Vacuum under the bed.
  • Remove the sheets and vacuum the mattress. On a quarterly schedule you should also flip the mattress.